Standard Li-Ion Charger

Standard Li-Ion Charger


Two Stage Standard Charger for all of our Lithium Ion Batteries

2 stage charger for Enduro, Extender and Bottle batteries. Available with UK, EU, US and AUS pin sets as well as being able to accept standard “figure 8” 2 pin mains leads.

Advanced charging circuit and software ensures longest lifetime of battery packs.

Estimated Charge times (from fully flat):

Enduro 3.4Ah     : 3 – 4 Hours

Extender 6.8Ah : 6 – 8 Hours




Our brand new mains charger option for rapid charging of Enduro, Extender and Bottle batteries. Incorporating advanced battery management circuitry to fully condition and charge your batteries, ensuring long life and run times. As a result of this new circuit charge currents are increased, meaning that batteries charge in approximately half the time of our standard charger. Available with UK, EU, US and AUS pin sets.

NOTE: This charger is not recommended for use with older 2600 and 5200mAh battery packs

Charge Times

Enduro Extender
1.5-2.0 Hours 3.0-4.0 Hours


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Standard Charger Mains Pin Type

UK 3 Pin, EU 2 Pin, US 2 Pin, AUS 3 Pin


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Universal Voltage

100-240V Input

Multiple Pin options

UK, EU, US, AUS and remote lead compatible

Advanced Technology

Latest battery conditioning circuit
Suggested Systems

More Info

Flexibility of Charger Plugs

Lumicycle Li-Ion Standard Chargers are available with interchangeable sockets, we provide the option to buy sockets for the US, EU or Australia which gives an international flexibility to Lumicycle lights. Our chargers have a range of 100-240v AC (50-60Hz,) for this reason the same charger can be used in the US, EU or UK by just changing the socket. Should you loose the pin you can use any stereo power cable! Making Lumicycle lights the ultimate international traveller companion.

Quality of Build

Lumicycle Li-Ion Fast Chargers are made by Mascot, Norway. As usual Lumicycle chooses to use the best quality available to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety.

Charge Time

Approximate charge time from flat:

3.4Ah Types – 3-4 Hours

6.8Ah Types – 6-8 Hours