Warranty Terms

We take pride in making some of the best bike lights in the world, and are confident that they will give you many years of use, even in the most challenging of conditions… but of course we can’t cover every eventuality.

So unless you have purchased our 5 year extended warranty all of our products are covered by a 2 year warranty. This covers defects in manufacture and component failure within this time that is attributed to the component itself. We cannot offer warranty for damage or misuse of the product that has occurred out in the field, its just not practical to anticipate everything, but we will endeavour to fix any light unit or charger product that has stopped working for any reason if we can.

So as a summary:

  • If a product doesn’t work when you take it out the box, we’ll replace it.
  • If a product stops working within 2 years (or 5 years), and after returning it to us we determine that it’s a component or manufacturing fault that caused the breakdown, we’ll fix it free of charge.
  • If a product stops working due to misuse orĀ  “extreme” use ( falling off a cliff for example), after its returned to us, we’ll try and fix it but this will be a chargeable service even if its within the warranty period.

If we haven’t been able to fix a product for whatever reason we may offer a replacement instead, this will be at least the same performance standard as the original unit, but may differ in look or colour.

Battery Packs

We have to put a few extra clauses for batteries in here:

Misuse of battery packs would be defined as:

  • Submerging in water
  • Powering products other than Lumicycle lights
  • Charging with products other than Lumicycle chargers
  • Storing for extended periods of time in a fully flat condition

Not Covered

We love seeing our lights being used the way they were designed to be used. Cosmetic defects, dinks and scratches give the light character, as every one tells a story. However cosmetic appearance is not covered under warranty.

Lack of general care and maintenance is also not covered, if for example you notice the switch cover has a split in it, but you still continue to ride in the wet, damage for water ingress will not be covered under warranty.


If a fault does develop; in the first instance please contact us: info@lumicycle.com and explain the fault. It could be that we may be able to offer a remote fix or work around for you, if this is not possible then we will request that the unit be sent back to us for investigation and repair. The cost of returning products to us is not covered under warranty and is at you own risk, so we suggest that you use some form of “tracked” shipping method to make sure the returned unit doesn’t get lost on the way to us.

If you can find it, proof of purchase is recommended, although we do have a database of customers so we can generally find you if you have lost the original receipt.

If the product is under warranty and meets the criteria above, return shipping is covered under warranty. Typically this will be UPS standard for larger items, and Royal Mail 1st class post for smaller items.


We recommend that you inspect your kit regularly, paying special attention to broken wires, split switch covers etc. General maintenance is not covered under warranty, but we can service your kit for you on a regular basis if you return it to us.


And thats about it!