Apogee - £199.99

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Optimised Efficiency

Continuously manages Battery, Thermal and LED performance

Optimised Aerodynamics

Formula 1 Thermal and Aero engineering

Optimised Spectrum

Outstanding visibility in all conditions

Multi Mount Options

Above or below handlebar maintaining control switch orientation

Helmet Mount Option

Compatible with our helmet kits

4000 Lumens

Maximum Continuous Output, 4500 on Smart Boost.

8 Power Modes

3 Strobe, 4 Continuous, 1 Smart Boost Mode


Only Weighs 183g

Powerful Microprocessor

Optimal LED and Battery Management

Ultimate off road performance

Exceptional beam length and width

Wireless Control

Control multiple lights from single Master

High Speed Road

Recommend only to use lower output modes when on road.


Machined from solid Aircraft grade Aluminium

“The Apogee’s power, beam-spread and LED colour make it one of the best-illuminating lights I’ve ever tested. It won’t cause you to feel out of your depth on any sort of trail you wish to ride, even especially slow, twisty ones — something not all lights can claim to do” – Bike Radar Oct 19..

  • Perfect for demanding off road cyclists
  • 4500 Lumen maximum output in smart boost mode
  • Massive beam length and spread
  • Flexible mounting options – can be mounted above, below or indeed horizontally without compromising the anti glare eyelid performance

Full modular and compatible with all of our batteries and accessories, you can configure basic systems or a fully custom system using the links below.

Recommended by our own Mountain Bike racing team and extreme endurance off road cyclist Toni Lund. If you want the confidence to shred a singletrack in the dead of night, look no further!

Most at home as a super high performance off road light, it can also be used on road, but due to the high lumen output we would recommend that only lower output modes be used, and the light angled away from on coming traffic

Note this is for the Apogee high performance LED light unit only, if you already have Lumicycle batteries and chargers this is all you will need to upgrade your system, otherwise we suggest the best pairing of light to battery would be using the larger Extender 6.8Ah Li-Ion Battery or for extra value click on the pre configured product packs below, our recommendation would be the Extender Pack with the fast rate charger : Apogee with 6.8Ah High Capacity Battery and Fast Charger

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Suggested Systems
Apogee with Small Battery and Standard Charger
Apogee with Small Battery and Fast Charger
Apogee with High Capacity Battery and Standard Charger
Apogee with High Capacity Battery and Fast Charger
Configure your own Apogee system

More Info

Apogee is our top of the range light, winning numerous awards for its performance. There are very few lights out there that are brighter than this, and, we think at least, that there are none that have Apogee’s even beam spread and throw.. dont take our word for it, magazines agree as well!

Full redesigned metalwork with our signature 2 colour anodising process. Apogee looks as good in the daytime, as it performs at night.

  • Compatible with all of our Lithium Ion batteries (we recommend the 6.8Ah Carbon type)
  • Automatic output reduction when the microprocessor detects a falling battery charge – extending ride time. This can be over ridden manually but will reduce the overall time remaining before the light switches off.
  • Can be mounted below the bars whilst maintaining control switch orientation, front anti glare feature can also be turned to ensure you dont get dazzled when using the light “upside down”.
  • Latest CREE LED’s with optimised spectrum for off road use.
  • QR bracket can be extended (by use of QR links) to accommodate bars up to 37mm in diameter
  • Small enough and light enough to be used as a bar light or a helmet light.
  • New daylight strobe mode for use on road that is quite intense, making you more visible to oncoming traffic.

The run time table below provides approximate run times in each mode, actual run times may vary depending on a lot of external factors including ambient temperature and whether the light is switched between modes. The two run times provide show expected continuous run time before the light enters the automatic battery management mode, when the light enters battery management, power modes are restricted to Low and Mid powers only, the light will eventually power down to Flash 1 level, this provides a minimum of an extra 45 minutes of run time on 3.4Ah batteries (roughly 2x that for 6.8Ah batteries).

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Technical Specifications

ModeFlash 1Flash 2Flash 3LowMidHighMaxSmart Boost
3.4Ah Battery Types27Hr 49Min9Hr 16Min10Hr 55Min13Hr 55Min5Hr 06Min2Hr1Hr 06Min3 Minutes (Resettable)
6.8Ah Battery Types55Hr 38Min18Hr 33Min20Hr 24Min27Hr 49Min10Hr 12Min4Hr2Hr 11Min3 Minutes (Resettable)