Extender 6.8Ah Li-Ion Battery - £130.00

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Lithium Ion Technology

Highest quality battery cells


Can be used with ANY Lumicycle Li-Ion charger type.

Longest Run Times

Maximum run times from any Lumicycle light

Flexible mounting

Can be positioned anywhere on the frame

Multiple Lights

Can power multiple lights using cable options


Only weights 500g


Tough, Weather resistant Codura Bag

Sealed Unit

Tested for the harshest of weather


Compatible with ALL Lumicycle lights (LED/Halide/Halogen)

High Capacity 6.8 Amp Hour lightweight 14.8v Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)  Battery. This 6.8 Amp/Hour battery comes with two DC output connectors and is housed in a tough Codura bag. The battery can be secured to the frame by use of the two velcro straps, and the second DC cable can be tucked into the bag if not required.

Compatible with all of our Lithium Ion Charger types, thsi battery provides any light system with the longest available run times.

Suggested Systems
Commute S
Explorer 2
Multiple Lights

More Info

Lumicycle‘s 2020 Extender range offers outstanding performance in an incredibly small form factor. Housed in extremely durable lightweight carbon fibre tubing and assembled with custom UV stabilised, soft, flexible and extremely strong polymer end caps.

Extender 6.8ah Li-Ion batteries are likely to replace our original bag battery as the most popular option to power all of our light systems. The tough Codura bag offers good weather resistance and is very hard wearing, and allows the battery to be mounted anywhere on the bike frame. The end caps are flexible to allow for any mount location, onto any frame shape or size. Two velcro straps secure the battery to the bike. The battery is supplied with 2 leads, one of which can be tucked into the bag if not required.



The table below shows an estimated run time in each mode using the Carbon Extender 6.8Ah battery, assuming constant power mode use, without the automated battery management software, that will increase the run times in Mid, Low and strobe modes by around 30% from the times published here. Older Halogen and Halide lights only have one run mode, with no additional run time extending software.  Many factors impact actual run times, initial charge state, ambient temperature and the version of LED driver board and software will all have an influence on actual runtime, these times are conservative but should be used a a guide only.


if you have a requirement for specific runtimes please contact us to discuss as we offer special versions of software for extreme run times for Ultra Endurance and Audax riding.

Technical Specifications

LightModeStrobe 1Strobe 2 Strobe 3Low PowerMid PowerHigh PowerMax Power
Commute Runtime (Hr)
Freeway 1000 LmRuntime (Hr)17276n/a863821 12
Apex 2000 LmRuntime (Hr)9228n/a46146Hr 24m4Hr 49m
Explorer 3000 LmRuntime (Hr)6423n/a32114Hr 8m3Hr 22m
Explorer Plus 3200 LmRuntime (Hr)
Apogee 4000 LmRuntime (Hr)16942Hr 14m58Hr 45m7529Hr 23m5Hr 32m3Hr 20m
Halogen (5W) 200 LmRuntime (Hr)20
Halogen (20W) 400 LmRuntime (Hr)5
HALIDE (10W) 600 LmRuntime (Hr)10