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1400 Lumens

Maximum Continuous Output, depending on DC input


Only Weighs 140g

Multi Voltage

Auto select 6V, 12V and 14.8V voltage input, configurable 500mA or 1A current input

E Bike or Remote Battery power

Compatible with E-Bike accessory power port and USB power banks

7 Power Modes

2 Strobe, 4 Continuous, 1 Smart Boost Mode


Can be customised for extreme run times


Machined from solid Aircraft grade Aluminium

Microprocessor Controlled

Optimal LED and Battery Management

More Info

Have an E-Bike with a power accessory port?  A mobile phone power bank? No problem this light is compatible with any DC source that can provide a minimum of 6V and 0.5A to it, with any polarity. The brand new DRV5 circuit design automatically detects the DC input voltage and will adjust the LED brightness accordingly. Commute will also work with most hub dynamo’s (check your manufacturer spec for power output), however it does not have a back up battery, so if you stop riding and the power is removed the light will go out. When you start riding again Commute will return to the power setting you had previously selected.

E-Bike battery accessory ports do not have a single standard. So depending on your battery/drive type the port will either deliver 6 or 12V and between 0.5A (500mA) and 1A (1000mA). The E-Bike user guide or drive/battery guide will confirm this. Commute can then be configured to utilise the maximum power available and covert this to drive the LED.

If Commute is connected to a Lumicycle battery it will automatically generate the maximum brightness it can; but another useful feature of being able to configure the light is for Audax riding, where absolute maximum Lumen output may not be as important as extended run times, so Commute can also be configured to adjust its output to change from “output priority” to “run time priority” for extremely long run times.

Technical Specifications

ModeFlash 1Daylight StrobeLowMidHighMax
Lumen Output Lumicycle Li-Ion Batteries1752903505808501400
Lumen Output 1000mA External Power Input1752903505808501400
Lumen Output 500mA External Power input125150250300500700