In Car Super Fast Li-Ion Charger - £50.00


NOT suitable for older 2.6Ah and 5.2Ah Battery Packs


NOT suitable for older Ni-Mh battery packs

High Quality

Made in Norway for quality and reliability

In Car Charging

12-24V DC input via "cigarette lighter" plug

Super fast charging

2x faster than standard charger

Advanced Technology

Latest battery conditioning circuit

This state of the art battery charger/conditioner provides a great addition to your kit. Provided with a standard “cigarette lighter” DC connector it can be plugged in to any suitable 12V (or indeed 24V) DC socket in your car or caravan.

Utilising the latest technology from Mascot this charger unit also charges at a higher current rate than our standard mains charger – meaning that your batteries get fully charged in less than half the time. Ideal for long endurance racing, holidays etc where mains outlets may not be available.

With charge rates of up to 1.6A and built in microprocessor to monitor battery charge state condition this charger automatically reduces its output when it detects the battery has reach around 90% of its capacity. On board monitoring always ensures that your battery is conditioned at its optimal level for long battery life

Charge Times

Enduro Extender
1.5-2.0 Hours 2.0-3.0 Hours


Quality of Build

Lumicycle Li-Ion Fast Chargers are specially made by Mascot, Norway. As usual Lumicycle chooses to use the best quality available to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety.